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Working meeting in DKSI within the project “TIMOR“ with representatives of the partner organizations and field visit to the housing facilities for supported living

On 06.09.2021, in the premises of the Special Institute Demir Kapija PI, a working meeting was held with representatives of the partner organizations within the project “Together for introduction of more opportunities and respect - TIMOR“ - CeProSARD; ASER, representative of Loza Foundation, Sweden and the management team of DKSI.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the status and progress of the preparation of 15 people with disabilities for resettlement in the first 3 selected housing units that are under preparation in the municipalities of Demir Kapija, Negotino and Veles.

The users are prepared by the expert team contracted by the organization Macedonian Montessori Association in collaboration with the resettlement team from DKSI.

An overview of the training was presented for the 10 assistants for supported living that are contracted within the project TIMOR and currently are in training within the Institution before the opening of the first 2 group homes. A provider of social services for supported living in the community for these two housing units is the Demir Kapija Special Institute.

The working meeting continued with a field visit to the housing units whose adaptation is underway in the municipality of Demir Kapija and the municipality of Negotino. During the day - 07.09.2021 a visit to the housing unit in preparation in the municipality of Veles was realized as well.

The partner organisations expressed their satisfaction with the progress of the project activities, the adaptation of the living conditions and the progress in the preparation of the users.

Implementation period:
02.01.2020 – 01.01.2023

Project partners:
Center for promo Center for promotion of sustainable agricultural practices and rural development – CeProSARD
Аssociation of special educators and rehabilitators of the Republic of North Macedonia – ASER;
Special Institute Demir Kapija PI;
Municipality of Demir Kapija;
Foundation Loza, Sweden

The European Union

The project is implemented under IPA II 2017 Action Programme of the EU Support for Education, Employment and Social Policy; Support for the De-institutionalisation Process in Social Sector.

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