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Phase 1 – researchPhase 2 - implementation

The project „ Promotion of sustainable agricultural practices, energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energy sources in rural communities of the Republic of Macedonia“ – Agroenergy (research phase), included research on the availability of renewable energy resources in the Republic of Macedonia suitable for small investments.
A team of experts from the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry, Mechanical and Civil Engineering and MASA-Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, as well as economy experts in the process of investigating the country situation were hired for the project needs.

12 studies were made to investigate the availability of resources for renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, including:
  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Biomass energy
    • Utilization of forest biomass;
    • Utilization of biomass from agricultural plant remains;
    • Biogas production;
    • Biofuel production;
    • Composting
  • On-farm energy efficiency
    • Energy efficiency on poultry farms;
    • Energy efficiency on pig farms;
    • Energy efficiency on sheep farms and milk processing facilities on farms;
    • Energy efficiency in early – vegetable production;
    • Eco-house engineering
The studies make recommendations for proper utilization of renewable energy in rural communities, through introduction of new production technologies, and saving energy through the application of energy efficiency principles.
The project initiated the creation of a network of all entities active in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency and energy savings in the state and region.

Data from the studies and analysis are available to the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in the process of formulating policy and strategy for sustainable agricultural practices in rural areas and in the field of energy, and to all stakeholders.

Phase of research: 1 December 2008 - 31 January 2010


  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning
  • Ministry of Local Goverment
  • Faculty for Agriculture Sciences and Food
  • Federation of Farmers of Republic of Macedonia
  • ZELS
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